The band


SeiSKAfeS is formed in the early 2006 in the premises of Obdulio Record's in Valladolid,. After a long year of work of local composing, designing, rehearsing… and above all living, We get into the 'Armando Records' studios to record what will be our first work entitled "portfolio", and without more, We started to present it beyond by February of 2007, the effort bears fruit and we started to play at festivals like "Baitu Rock". the "Adobe", or the "Traspirock"… We participated and won the contest of bands "Nofurock" in Nofuentes, and that same year went to form part of the family "amanece" them which helps us to get around the peninsula.

In 2008 travel, among other places to Melilla or Mallorca, and we share stage at numerous festivals with groups from the likes of Toy Dolls, Tide or SKA-P (on his return to the stage in "the cover of Leganes"), in 2009 We are going to "Go Lumbreiras", We make our first concert outside Spain (In Lyon next to SKA-P), etc…12440692_1193014257394020_3928832669842072018_o

At the end of this year the band suffers its first change of formation to exit their bassist, IRRA Martin, What is a blow. After a small break appears Juanjo doors that adapts quickly to the band and we immediately put to work to end our 2nd album "Damned dance", that has been recorded in the studios 'Oasis', in Madrid, in March of 2010. With the release of this album, also comes the dismissal of Laura, He gets off the stage (Thanks for sharing with us these last three years) and it gave the site to Iván Karlón coming into the band without hesitation.

Since then, two years later, with the training already seated recorded the third album under the title of “Reset”.

In 2018 we released a new EP 4 Topics, “SKAPARAPUNK”.
Today, in 2019, the band again undergoes another change in the lineup when Victor leaves, Juanjo and Ivan and incorporate Samu as new bassist.



Seiskafes are:

Iñaki: Voice and guitar

Juanma: Vocals and keyboards

Samu: Vocals and bass

Javi: Battery

Cuadri: Trombone

Dani: Trumpet